Building or renovating your dream home is an incredibly exciting and stressful process. At Hoult Construction we want to make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Start by giving us a call to discuss your project. 


We can provide an estimate free of charge, this is normally done using m² rate  because of the time it takes to source quotes from Suppliers and Sub Contractors. This practice often leads to unnecessary variations, disappointment and disputes during construction, not to mention extension of the construction period, costing you time & money.


When building a custom home, it requires a one off detailed quote that is tailored to your one of a kind home. Your custom home is not like a project home that is replicated hundreds of times nor should it be approached the same way. 

Depending on what stage of planning you're at and what documentation you have obtained will determine the remaining steps of the pre-construction and quoting process and how Hoult Construction can assist. Have you already obtained plans from an architect, engineer, interior designer, surveyor for us to price? Depending on the construction documentation you have, will depend on where we go and the cost associated. 



  • Analysis of plans, existing plans and construction documentation

  • Site visit to meet with clients; this meeting will discuss the details, requirements timeframes, constraints if applicable, budget and assess the environment

  • Budget and project feasibility; this includes organising approximate costings for the “project total” so you can work out your actual build cost

  • Consult with the relevant professionals and develop construction documents as required; An Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer and Certifier will be consulted at this time

  • Begin the quoting process:

  • Contact relevant trades & material suppliers for their pricing, negotiating accordingly

  • Develop timeline of events to understand project duration

  • Quantify expected hours on job, labour costs and assess insurance requirements

  • Provide a fully detailed Building Proposal

  • Refine the inclusions and exclusions to ensure the end product matches your vision and budget

  • Provide comprehensive construction details; this will include a project price, detailed scope, scheduled start date, timeline of events and progress payment schedule

  • On acceptance, produce a Fixed Price Contract

As you can appreciate, this is a significant amount of time, effort and expense that goes into preparation of a detailed building proposal specific to your custom home project. 

To provide this high level of service, we require payment of a nominal fee, which includes a consultation to review and answer any questions you may have. It is worth highlighting that this fee will be deducted from the final construction contract price if you choose to build with Hoult Construction. 

The fee we charge you will be dependant on the estimated length and complexity of the job. For example a small renovation project could cost around $800. An architecturally designed home with plans supplied would generally cost around $2500. 

where we go and the cost associated. 

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