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Hoult Construction New Raglan Home Kitchen and Living

Hoult Construction
Raglan Builder Residential Homes

Certified Raglan builders, committed to delivering exceptional results. We specialise in new residential builds, home renovations, and maintenance services, ensuring we meet all your construction needs. With our friendly team of professionals, we bring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to every project. 

Residential Home Building

At Hoult Construction, we understand that every residential building project requires attention to detail. Our team is committed to upholding high-quality standards and providing you with a home that you will cherish and enjoy for years to come. From defining the best construction methods to material choices, we will assist you every step of the way to ensure your forever home meets your exact needs. Our supplier network also enables us to deliver excellent finishes and source the best products for your project, taking the hassle out of your hands. Choose Hoult Construction and let us help you build your dream home.

Commercial Building

At Hoult Construction, we understand that commercial construction is time and cost-driven, with a clear business goal in mind. That's why we work hard to provide efficient solutions for business owners, ensuring that deadlines are met and returns on investments are achieved within the planned timeframe. Our portfolio includes a wide range of commercial construction projects, such as education centers, warehouses, and retail fit-outs. With our experience and expertise, we can help you create a functional space that is tailored to your specific business needs. Partner with Hoult Construction for your next commercial construction project.

Project Management

At Hoult Construction, our dedicated project managers serves as a vital connection between the client, project consultants, and contractors. They play a crucial role in ensuring effective communication and collaboration throughout the project. Our project manager focuses on aligning the clients' time, cost, and quality goals with the overall project goals. By closely monitoring and managing each aspect of the project, we ensure that all stakeholders are on the same page and that the project is delivered to meet or exceed the clients' expectations. Trust our project manager at Hoult Construction to oversee your project efficiently and effectively.


Shelley & Joe

"Hoult Construction project managed our large deconstruction project over 9 months across 2018/2019. The project brief was a tricky one with ambitious low waste targets, engagement with the community for material collection, and dealing with sub-contractors. Jack and his team were keen to explore different methodologies and resource distribution avenues to help us keep landfill produced to a minimum. And they were very gracious when a nit picky client was trawling through the waste piles! Jack's customer service, attention to detail, and strong communication skills include his many strengths. We could not have reached our low-waste goals were it not for Jack and his team and will be eternally grateful. We highly recommend Hoult Construction!"

Hoult Construction Raglan builders

Committed to Timely, High Quality Construction 

  • On-time project completion without unnecessary delays

  • Effective communication and constant client contact

  • Attention to detail from initial stages to finishing touches

  • Members of the New Zealand Certified Builders Association

  • Comprehensive 10-year residential building guarantee backed by Halo

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